《Peter Rabbit》比得兔第二季英文版全50集MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载

图片[1]-《Peter Rabbit》比得兔第二季英文版全50集MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享

《Peter Rabbit比得兔》第二季延续了比得兔第一季的故事,继续围绕3只小兔子–比得、本杰明和莉莉展开,融入了更多的有趣情节要素,展现给给孩子们原著中的原汁原味的英国田园风格,唤醒孩子们的想象力满足好奇心,快和比得以及小伙伴们一起开启神奇的森林冒险吧~~


《Peter Rabbit比得兔》第二季英文版共50集,MP4视频格式,英语发音、英文字幕,1920×1080(1080P)超清画质,总体积约为8.8G~~
  • 名称:Peter Rabbit(比得兔)第二季 英文版
  • 语言:英语发音、英文字幕
  • 格式:MP4
  • 集数:50集
  • 分辨率:1920×1080


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=== 部分预览 ===

图片[3]-《Peter Rabbit》比得兔第二季英文版全50集MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享


  • S2E01 The Puddleduck Disaster
  • S2E02 The Squirrel Hotpot
  • S2E03 The Tunnel Rumbler
  • S2E04 The Frightened Fox
  • S2E05 The Best Bowler
  • S2E06 The Great Potato Plunder
  • S2E07 The Cotton-tail’s Treetop Tumble
  • S2E08 The Perilous Party
  • S2E09 The High-Flying Badger
  • S2E10 The Benjamin’s Blunder
  • S2E11 The Tiny Terror
  • S2E12 The Treehouse Rescue
  • S2E13 The Lost Journal
  • S2E14 The Need for Seed
  • S2E15 The Heroic Hedgehog
  • S2E16 The Bird Trap
  • S2E17 The Dr. Bobtail’s Adventure
  • S2E18 The Locked Cage
  • S2E19 The Missing Ducklings
  • S2E20 The Hungry Thieves
  • S2E21 The Nutkin’s Rabbity Day
  • S2E22 The Unexpected Hero
  • S2E23 The Amazing Mum
  • S2E24 The Mum’s Precious Things
  • S2E25 The Racing Rabbit
  • S2E26 The Fred Snail
  • S2E27 The Saving of the Shrew
  • S2E28 The Fish Out of Water
  • S2E29 The Cotton-tail’s Party
  • S2E30 The Thing-A-Ma-Jig
  • S2E31 The Big Badger Blunder
  • S2E32 The Squabbling Squirrels
  • S2E33 The Peter’s Great Escape
  • S2E34 The Great Cake Chase
  • S2E35 The Go-Kart Getaway
  • S2E36 The New Hideout
  • S2E37 The Christmas Star
  • S2E38 The Sleepy Hedgehog
  • S2E39 The Spectacular Sledge
  • S2E40 The Cotton-Tail’s Tooth
  • S2E41 The Tricky Tortoise
  • S2E42 The Mice on the Move
  • S2E43 The Mittens’ New Friend
  • S2E44 The Flooded Burrow
  • S2E45 The Spilled Milk
  • S2E46 The First Bluebell
  • S2E47 The Great Tortoise Rescue
  • S2E48 The King of the Woods
  • S2E49 The Musical Mayhem
  • S2E50 The Missing Journal


《Peter Rabbit》比得兔第二季英文版全50集MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享
《Peter Rabbit》比得兔第二季英文版全50集MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载
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