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图片[1]-《English Fairy tales英文童话故事109个》MP4视频 百度云网盘下载-易优分享

English Fairy tales频道109个英文故事,都是一些非常有趣的小故事,对话简单,带有字幕,适合孩子磨耳培养英语语感使用,画面也非常精美,深受孩子们的喜爱~~

图片[2]-《English Fairy tales英文童话故事109个》MP4视频 百度云网盘下载-易优分享


  • A Ray of Hope Part 1.mp4
  • A Ray of Hope Part 2 .mp4
  • An Impossible Enchantment.mp4
  • An Unkept Promise Story Bedtime Stories.mp4
  • Anansi and The Pot of Wisdom Story.mp4
  • ASMUND and SINGY Story in English.mp4
  • Beloved Nightingale.mp4
  • Bobino Story in English.mp4
  • Brave Dave Story.mp4
  • Butterfly Princess Story in English.mp4
  • Cinderella Classic Fairy Tale in English.mp4
  • Clever Shoemaker _ Stories for Kids .mp4
  • Diamonds and Toads Story in English.mp4
  • East of the Sun And West of the Moon.mp4
  • Envious Brother and Green Genie Story in Englishi.mp4
  • Faithful John Story in English _ Stories for Teenagers.mp4
  • Geirlaug and Grethari Story in English.mp4
  • Harris and His Organic Farm Story.mp4
  • Hide And Seek Story.mp4
  • Honest Jenny Story in English.mp4
  • Jesper Who Herded The Hares.mp4
  • Mangita And Larina Story in English.mp4
  • Molly and The Giant Story.mp4
  • Mother Holle in English _ Story .mp4
  • Oliver Twist for Kids .mp4
  • One Eye Two Eyes And Three Eyes Story.mp4
  • Papa Panov’s Special Christmas.mp4
  • Pocahontas Story for Kids .mp4
  • Prince Darling Story _ Stories for Teenagers .mp4
  • Prince Milan Story in English.mp4
  • Princess Anastasia Story _ Story.mp4
  • Princess Naeena and The Centaur Brothers Story in English _ En.mp4
  • Princess of the Blue Mountain Story _ Story .mp4
  • PRINCESS ROSETTE _ Kids Story .mp4
  • Soup From A Sausage Peg Story.mp4
  • Swan Lake Story.mp4
  • Sweet Porridge Story _ Story .mp4
  • Tatterhood Story.mp4
  • The Beast Slayer Story in English.mp4
  • The Beautiful Mirror Story.mp4
  • The Beetle and The Silken Thread Story.mp4
  • The Bird of Truth Story in English.mp4
  • The Brave Little Tailor _ Story .mp4
  • The Castle Under the Sea Story in English.mp4
  • The Dreamcatchers Story.mp4
  • The Drummer Story in English _ Stories for Teenagers .mp4
  • The Enchanted Princess Story.mp4
  • The Envious Neighbour Story in English.mp4
  • The Fairies of Merlin’s Crag Story.mp4
  • The Faithful Prince Story in English _ Kids Stories .mp4
  • The Flying Bicycle Story in English.mp4
  • The Forest Cloaked Princess Story _ Story .mp4
  • The Game of Truth Story in English _ Mamanana Story .mp4
  • The Gardener in English.mp4
  • The Giant’s Spell Story in English.mp4
  • The Glowing Princess Story in English.mp4
  • The Gnome Story _ Apple and Elf Story.mp4
  • The Golden Badger Story.mp4
  • The Golden Bread Story in English.mp4
  • The Golden Hood Story.mp4
  • The Good Demoness Story _ Bedtime Story .mp4
  • The Grateful Crane Story.mp4
  • The Green Knight Story in English.mp4
  • The Grumpy Old Man Story.mp4
  • The Hardworking Confectioner Story in English .mp4
  • The Honest Woodcutter Story.mp4
  • The Hunchback Notre Dame Story.mp4
  • The Ivory City Story _ Stories for Teenagers.mp4
  • The King and the Ogre Story.mp4
  • The Knight Of the Fish Story in English.mp4
  • The Lady and The Lion Story in English.mp4
  • The Legend of the Waves Story in English _ Story .mp4
  • The Magic Swan Story in English.mp4
  • The Magical Gifts Story in English.mp4
  • The Magical Kitty Story in English.mp4
  • The Man Who Found Fear at Last Story.mp4
  • The Merchant of Venice Story in English.mp4
  • The Mermaid and The Prince Story in English Ta.mp4
  • The Millionaire Miser Story.mp4
  • The New Year Story.mp4
  • The Old Man And His Grandson Story.mp4
  • The Poet and The Princess Story.mp4
  • The Poor Cobbler and Magician Story in English.mp4
  • The Pot of Pinks Story in English.mp4
  • The Prince and Three Fates Story in English Ta.mp4
  • The Princess of Spring Story.mp4
  • The Queen and Flute Player Story.mp4
  • The Raspberry Worm Story _ Story .mp4
  • The Snail And The Cherry Tree _ Story .mp4
  • The Star Studded Slippers Story.mp4
  • The Stone of Plouhinec Story in English.mp4
  • The Story of Atlanta.mp4
  • The Story of Princess_Hase Story.mp4
  • The Talisman Story in English.mp4
  • The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story in English .mp4
  • The Three Spinners Story in English.mp4
  • The Tinder Box Story in English _ Kids Story .mp4
  • The Twin Sisters Story in English.mp4
  • The Two Travellers Story in English.mp4
  • The Water Of Life Story.mp4
  • The Wedding Dress Under The Sea Story Bedtime Stories.mp4
  • The Wise Maiden Story in English.mp4
  • The Woman who lost her Dumpling Story.mp4
  • The Wonderful Ring Story in English.mp4
  • Three Princes Story.mp4
  • Tiddu the Piper Story .mp4
  • What Use Is It Story.mp4
  • Wisdom And Luck Story .mp4
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《English Fairy tales英文童话故事109个》MP4视频 百度云网盘下载-易优分享
《English Fairy tales英文童话故事109个》MP4视频 百度云网盘下载
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