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英语学习动画视频English Singsing Dialogue Let’s Role-play,英文发音,带英文字幕,适合4-8岁的宝宝使用。共计43集,每集时长1-2分钟左右。视频格式为mp4,分辨率为1280×720。


“English Singsing”是启蒙英语学习日常词汇的一个超好的视频集合,动画中没有中文解释,更多的是精心处理的动画引导。“English Singsing”的Dialogue Let’s Role-play(语句 角色扮演),视频共分为2个部分,前半部分有声音+字幕(仔细听并记住说了什么),后半部分无声音+字幕(选择一个视频里的角色去扮演他),用这种方法可以强化儿童学到的英语语句,加深印象。



  • [Age] How old are you I’m five years old.mp4
  • [Caution] Watch out! Are you okay.mp4
  • [Color] What color is it It’s red.mp4
  • [Counting] How many bears Three bears. (In the zoo).mp4
  • [Day] What day is it today It’s Wednesday.mp4
  • [Exclamatory sentence] What a big tree! It’s wonderful.mp4
  • [Exclamatory sentence] What a wonderful!.mp4
  • [Greeting] Good afternoon. Nice to meet you.mp4
  • [Greeting] Good morning. How are you.mp4
  • [Have] Do you have crayon Do you have paper.mp4
  • [Imperative sentence] Put on your coat.mp4
  • [Imperative sentence] Put on your pants. Put on your coat.mp4
  • [Invitation] Help yourself. May I have some more (At the table).mp4
  • [In_On_Under] Where is my cap I don’t see it.mp4
  • [In_On_Under] Where is my pencil It’s on the chair.mp4
  • [Liking] Do you like cheese Yes or No.mp4
  • [Liking] I like soccer. Let’s play soccer.mp4
  • [Look like] What does she look like (At the amusement park).mp4
  • [Order] May I take your order Anything else For here or to go.mp4
  • [Order] May I take your order I’d like a pizza. (At the Restaurant).mp4
  • [Party & Can] Happy birthday! Can you swim.mp4
  • [Past tense] How was your summer vacation It was great.mp4
  • [Past tense] What did you do We went to the park.mp4
  • [Possessive] Whose bike is this It’s mine.mp4
  • [Present progressive] What are you doing I’m jumping. dancing. sleeping.mp4
  • [Present progressive] What are you doing I’m writing.mp4
  • [Present progressive] What’s he doing He’s dancing. jumping. jogging.mp4
  • [Price] How much is it It’s five dollars. (In the store).mp4
  • [Subject] What’s your favorite subject I like math.mp4
  • [Suggestion] Let’s go camping.mp4
  • [Suggestion] Let’s put up balls. Wash your hands. (for Christmas).mp4
  • [Telephone Conversations] Can I Speak to Sally Speaking.mp4
  • [Telephone Conversations] May I speak to Kate I’ll call back later.mp4
  • [this & that] What’s this What’s that.mp4
  • [Time] What time is it Time for breakfast.mp4
  • [Time] What time is it We’re late.mp4
  • [Toothache] What’s wrong I have a toothache. (At the dentist).mp4
  • [Weather] It’s raining. What color is it.mp4
  • [Weather] It’s snowing. Do you like snow.mp4
  • [Where] Where’s the museum Go straight. (Asking the way).mp4
  • [Where] Where’s the post office It’s over there (Asking the way).mp4
  • [Where] Where’s the restroom I don’t know. (Asking the way).mp4
  • [Who] Who is he – Who is she – Easy Dialogue.mp4



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