《Read and Sequence阅读排序作业纸》四册英文小故事练习册 百度网盘下载

Read and Sequence系列共四册,包含92个简单的故事 ,孩子们可以阅读和排序!每个故事都是非常适合用来练习和阅读小短文,这些简短的故事适用于CVC单词,CVCe单词系列,Blend,Digraph和基本常见单词。



Read and Sequence Stories (CVC Words) – Set 1 Includes:

Two Funny Pets,Look and See,What Can You Put on the Pad?,We Can Go!,What Can We Eat?,What is on the Bib?,The Vet Can Help,Who is on the Mat?,Who is on the Log?,What do You See?,Who is the Box For?,We Can Run!,Put it in the Bin,I Like Gum,Big and Little,My Mom’s Hat,Let’s Put it in the Bag,I Have Fun Cups,Can it Fit in a Jug?,My Mom Said…,My Dad Said…,A Box From Jan,Who is in the Mud?,Where is the Bug?,Max Can Do a Lot,Who Can Go in the Den?,Where is Sam?,Do You See the Dots?,We Can Get the Pins!,What Can You Make?

Read and Sequence Stories (BLENDS) – Set 2 Includes:

BL-Blake’s Blender,BL- The Blizzard,CL- The Class Clown,CL- Time to Clean,FL- Go Away, Fly,FL- What is on the Flag?,GL- My Glow Bug,GL- I Got New Glasses,PL- What Should I Plant?,PL- I Will Play all Day,PL- What is on my Plate?,SL- The Slide,SL- The Big Slip,BR- Brad and Brandy,CR- Don’t Cry,DR- I had a Dream,FR- My Friend and I,FR- My Friend Fran,GR- Grant Likes to Grab,PR- The Present,TR- Will it Fit in the Trunk?,TR- What Can a Train Pull?,SC- My New Scooter,SK- Let’s Skate,SM- What do you Smell?,SN- A Snail for a Pet?,SP- What do you Spy?,ST- The Story of the Stew,SW- Let’s Swim

Read and Sequence Stories (DIGRAPHS) – Set 3 Includes:

CH- Chad’s Chair,CH- The Lost Chest,CH- The Chopsticks,CH- Chuck Check’s his List,SH- Shelby Digs in the Trash,SH- Shane’s Shop,SH- A Walk by the Shore,SH- Josh Likes to Fish,SH- Seth Lost Three Teeth,TH- Beth’s Throne,TH- Theo Needs Lots of Things,TH- Ruth Likes Math,WH- What Will Jane Say?,PH- Phil Takes Lots of Photos

Read and Sequence Stories (CVCe Words) – Set 4 Includes:

-ace Family – The Race,-ake Family – Jake’s Cake,-ake Family – Blake’s Fake Toys,-ale Family – Dales Big Sale,-ane Family – Jane’s Game,-ase Family – Chase’s Vase,-ate Family – Nate’s New Gate,-ave Family – Dave’s New Job,-ice Family – The Nice Mice,-ike Family – Mike’s New Bike,-ile Family – Miles’ Lost File,-ime Family – Mime’s Bag,-ine Family – Jack’s New Home,-one Family – Ice Cream Zone,-ose Family – The New Hose,-ote Family – Voting Day,Mixed U Family – Luke’s Mule,Mixed U Family – June’s Tune,


  • 1 – Read and Sequence NO PREP Packet (Set 1).pdf(36页)
  • 2 – Read and Sequence with Blends NO PREP Packet (Set 2).pdf(35页)
  • 3 – Read and Sequence with Digraphs NO PREP Packet (Set 3).pdf(21页)
  • 4 – Read and Sequence with CVCe Words NO PREP Packet (Set 4).pdf(23页)



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