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《Muppet Babies》由迪士尼出品,有很多中文译名,例如布偶小宝贝、布偶娃娃等,看到名称,顾名思义,动画中的主角都是一些可爱活波的小布偶,故事讲述了这些布偶小伙伴们在一起发生的故事,这些故事有趣且惊险刺激,给了孩子们足够的吸引力,也满足了孩子们好的奇心,受到了众多小粉丝们的关注和喜爱~~

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《Muppet Babies布偶娃娃》共112集56个视频文件(一个视频包含两集),英语对白,英文字幕,MP4视频格式,1280×720(720P高清画质),文件总体积约29G~~


  • 名称:Muppet Babies(布偶娃娃)英文版
  • 语言:英语发音、英文字幕
  • 格式:MP4
  • 集数:56集
  • 分辨率:1280×720


图片[3]-《Muppet Babies》布偶娃娃全112集1-3季英文MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享


=== 部分预览 ===

图片[4]-《Muppet Babies》布偶娃娃全112集1-3季英文MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享



  • S01E01E02.Sir Kermit the Brave&Animal Fly Airplane.mp4
  • S01E03E04.Hatastrophe&Fly South.mp4
  • S01E05E06.The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon&You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend.mp4
  • S01E07E08.Super Fabulous vs. Captain Icecube&Piggy’s Time Machine.mp4
  • S01E09E10.How Kermit Got His Groove&One Small Problem.mp4
  • S01E11E12.Playground Pirates&The Blanket Fort.mp4
  • S01E13E14.Summer Penguin, P.I.&You Ought to Be in Pictures.mp4
  • S01E15E16.Kermit Levels Up&Frogs of a Feather.mp4
  • S01E17E18.Animal Cleans Up&Best Pals Pizza Parlor Palace.mp4
  • S01E19E20.The Good, the Bad and the Froggy&Muppet Rock.mp4
  • S01E21E22.Tooth And Consequences&Upside-Down Day.mp4
  • S01E23E24.The Great Gonzo’s Grand Prix&Animal Kong.mp4
  • S01E25E26.Bunsen Knows All&Doctor Fozzie.mp4
  • S01E27E28.A Backyard Divided&Grandpa Camp.mp4
  • S01E29E30.Happy Hallowocka!&The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes.mp4
  • S01E31E32.Kermit’s Big Show&The Card Shark.mp4
  • S01E33E34.A Very Christmas&Summer’s Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise.mp4
  • S01E35E36.Summer, the Great&Planet Gonzo.mp4
  • S01E37E38.The Best, Best Friend&Counting Kermits.mp4
  • S01E39E40.No Laughing Matter&Puppy for a Day.mp4


  • S02E01E02.The Froginizer&My Fair Animal.mp4
  • S02E03E04.Starship Piggy&My Buddy.mp4
  • S02E05E06.Finders Keepers&Monster Next Door.mp4
  • S02E07E08.The Great Muppet Cook-Off&Animal And The Egg.mp4
  • S02E09E10.Tagalong Polliwog&Sparkly Star Switcheroo.mp4
  • S02E11E12.Mystery on the Muppet Express&Mister Manny.mp4
  • S02E13E14.The Karate Cub&Don’t Over Duet.mp4
  • S02E15E16.Run Fozzie Run&My Brother Vinny.mp4
  • S02E17E18.Beaker 2.0&When You Wish Upon A Rizzo.mp4
  • S02E19E20.Chicken Round-Up&Summer’s Snow Cone Stop.mp4
  • S02E21E22.Wocka-Bye Fozzie&Gonzo’s Clean Sweep.mp4
  • S02E23E24.Meatball Mayhem&Bunsen Honeydew, Show Stopper.mp4
  • S02E25E26.Best Friends Fixer Upper&Gonzo’s Coop Dreams.mp4
  • S02E27E28.Win A Twin&Skeeter And The Super Girls.mp4
  • S02E29E30.Animal Gets the Sneezies&Library Leapfrog.mp4
  • S02E31E32.The Spoon in the Stone&Gonzonocchio.mp4
  • S02E33E34.Summer’s Big Kerfloofle&Frog Scouts.mp4
  • S02E35E36.Animal and the Magic Mummy&The Friends of Zorna Club.mp4
  • S02E37E38.Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog&A Tale of Two Twins.mp4
  • S02E39E40.Rise of the Pickler&Friend-A-Versary.mp4
  • S02E41E42.Sherlock Knows&Block Busters.mp4


  • S03E01E02.Oh Brother&Fozzie’s Boo Boo Patrol.mp4
  • S03E03E04.Legend of El Tomahto, The&Interplanetary Kickle Ball.mp4
  • S03E05E06.Summer’s Disaster-Piece&Farewell, Statler and Waldorf.mp4
  • S03E07E08.The Mystery Of The Missing Pearls&Rowlf Gets The Blues.mp4
  • S03E09E10.The Copy Cub&Animal Loses It.mp4
  • S03E11E12.Gonzo’s Bubble Trouble&Fozzie Can’t Bear It.mp4
  • S03E13E14.Muppet Space Camp&The Best best Friend Beach Day.mp4
  • S03E15E16.The Ribbiter&Presto Uh-Oh.mp4
  • S03E17E18.The Lone Eagle&Fellowship Of The Rainbow Yo-Yo.mp4
  • S03E19E20.Kermit And Fozzie’s Eggcellent Adventure&Animal And The Little Accident.mp4
  • S03E21E22.Backyard Safari&The Invisible Frog.mp4
  • S03E23E24.Best Pals Pizza Delivery&Summer Science Penguin.mp4
  • S03E25E26.A Very Sticker Situation&Boo Boo Bamboozle.mp4
  • S03E27E28.It’S Not Easy Being Greeny&Dueling Harmonicas.mp4
  • S03E29E30.Best In Chicken Show&No Takesies Backsies.mp4


《Muppet Babies》布偶娃娃全112集1-3季英文MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载-易优分享
《Muppet Babies》布偶娃娃全112集1-3季英文MP4动画视频 百度网盘下载
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